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SuSTaIn Events

Upcoming research workshops:

Closing SuSTaIn workshop, School of Mathematics, Bristol, 13 and 14 September, 2016

Past research workshops:

EdgeCutter Workshop on High-dimensional Statistics, Inverse Problems and Convex Analysis, RSS, London, 22 March 2016
EdgeCutter Workshop on Hidden Complexities in Complex Traits and Genome-wide Association , RSS, London, 19 October 2015
SuSTaIn/iLike workshop on Intractable Likelihoods, Bristol, 20-22 May 2015
UK Causal Inference Meeting, Bristol, 14-17 April 2015
EdgeCutter Workshop in Astrostatistics, RSS, London, 17 December 2014
High-dimensional Stochastic Simulation and Optimisation in Image Processing
27-29 August 2014
High-dimensional and Multivariate Extremes,
02-04 July 2014
Structure and uncertainty
24-27 September 2012
High dimensional and dependent functional data , 10-12 September 2012
Confronting Intractability in Statistical Inference
16-19 April 2012
Time for Causality - Causal Inference and Dynamic Decisions in Longitudinal Studies
10-13 April 2012
Stochastic modelling and statistical analysis
memorial gathering and research symposium in honour of Julian Besag
1-2 April 2011
Stochastic approximation: methodology, theory and applications in statistics
13-15 September 2010
Statistical modelling and inference for networks (Statworks)
28 June-1 July 2010
Sparse structures: statistical theory and practice
16-18 June 2010
Progress In Statistics for Climate and Environmental Science (PISCES)
25-26 September 2008
Modern challenges of curve modelling: inverse problems and qualitative constraints
7-9 November 2007

Past short courses:

Introduction to Causal Inference
Miguel Hernan (Harvard University), 14 April 2015
Approximating data
Laurie Davies (Duisberg-Essen), 12-17 October 2011
Bayesian wavelet estimators in nonparametric regression
Natalia Bochkina (Edinburgh), 28-31 March 2011
Topics in Bayesian nonparametrics and causal inference
Elja Arjas (Helsinki), 29 April and 5 May 2010
Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models
Ciprian Crainiceanu (Johns Hopkins University), 5-8 May 2009
Shape Constrained Estimation
Hanna Jankowski (York University, Canada), 2-3 June 2009

Other visitors to the Statistics group:
Julia Mortera (Universita Roma Tre), July 2007, November 2009
Sally Wood (University of New South Wales), July 2007
Geir Storvik (University of Oslo), September 2007-June 2008
Soren Hosgaard (Aarhus University), October 2007-April 2008
Ambedkar Dukkipati (Eurandom), May 2008
Yahya Al-Harthi (King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia), July-August 2008
Idris Eckley (Lancaster University), September 2008, June & September 2009
David Wolpert (NASA Ames Research Center), October 2008, March 2009
David Hastie (London), October 2008-
Michael Eichler (Maastricht), November 2008
Julian Besag (University of Bath), January 2009-July 2010
Jonathan Jordan (University of Sheffield), March 2009
Michel Crucifix (Université Catholique de Louvain), April 2009
Natalia Bochkina (University of Edinburgh), May 2009, April 2011
Jason Marden (Caltech), September 2009
Tim Swartz (Simon Fraser University), September-December 2009
Arnaud Doucet (ISM, Tokyo), October 2009
Pierre del Moral (Bordeaux), October 2009
Sonia Petrone (Bocconi University), October 2009, March 2010
Rong Chen (Rutgers University), October 2009
Matti Vihola (University of Jyväskylä), November 2009, May 2010, March 2011
Eric Moulines (Paristech Telecom), November 2009
Ed George (Pennsylvania), May 2010
Peter Mueller (M D Anderson, Texas), May 2010
Galin Jones (Minnesota), December 2011
Phil Dawid (Cambridge), February 2014
Yoann Altmann (Heriott-Watt, Edinburgh), May 2014
Mikael Kuusela (EPFL, Lausanne), June 2014
Kirstin Strokorb (Mannheim), July 2014
Aidan O'Keefe (UCL, London), August 2014
Antonio Quintero Rincon (Buenos Aires), August 2014