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SuSTaIn EdgeCutter One Day Workshop on


Royal Statistical Society, London, UK
17th December 2014


0830 Registration Opens and Posters Posted

0900 Daniel Mortlock (Imperial)
Bayesian Model Comparison in Astronomy and Cosmology.

0940 Jason McEwen (UCL)
Sparsity in Astrophysics: Astrostatistics meets Astroinformatics.

1020 Coffee (and post remaining posters)

1050 Ian Vernon (Durham)
Bayesian Emulation and History Matching for the Uncertainty Analysis of a Galaxy Formation Simulation

1130 Sarah Bridle (Manchester)
Measuring Galaxy Shapes from Noisy, Blurry Images.

1210 Lunch and Poster Session

1330 Licia Verde (Barcelona)
Beyond Precision Cosmology.

1410 Jean-Luc Starck (CEA Saclay)
Inverse Problems in Astrophysics.

1450 Xiao-Li Meng (Harvard) and Nathan Stein (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania)
Principled Corner Cutting in Astrostatistics: Valid Statistical Comparisons Without Valid MCMC Output

1530 Tea

1600 Alan Heavens (Imperial)
Measuring the Length of the Cosmological Ruler.

1640 Panel Discussion

1710 Scheduled End
Disperse to other venues/hostelries for further discussion.

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