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Statistical modelling and inference for networks (Statworks)

Research workshop: 28 June-1 July 2010, Bristol, UK

*** Registration is closed ***

Statworks is a four day workshop organised by members of the statistics group in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bristol. The workshop is part of SuSTaIn: a programme funded by the EPSRC and the University of Bristol with the ambitious goal of strengthening the discipline of Statistics in the UK, by equipping it to face the challenges of future applications.

Networks play an increasingly important role in a wide variety of applications, e.g., cellular networks, social dynamics and epidemiology. Whilst the concept of a network is central to all of these topics, there are also a great number of discrepancies amongst fundamental concepts: the meaning of a network; the targets of inference; and the appropriate statistical methodology. The relations and connections amongst inference methodologies - such as relational models, Bayesian networks, random graphs, and dynamic networks - can be confusing, as they have often have indistinct boundaries and unexplored statistical properties. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers with different backgrounds and approaches in order to explore these commonalities and differences.

Organising committee: Richard Everitt; Vanessa Didelez; Ayalvadi Ganesh; Dan Lawson; Jack O'Brien ; Nick Whiteley.

Be sure to check out the workshop on Simulation of Stochastic Networks and Statistics of Networks at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences the preceding week, which has a related, complementary program.

CMPO (Centre for Market and Public Organisation) is also holding a related research workshop entitled 'The economics of social network', 16 June-17 June 2010.