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UK-Causal Inference Meeting 2015

The University of Bristol hosted the UK-CIM 2015, which took place on Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th April 2015. These webpages are an archive from the event.

On Tuesday, April 14th, Miguel Hernan from Harvard University will offer an introductory one day course on causal inference for early careers researchers, or for those new to the topic.

Workshop Participants


Aims and Objectives

UK-CIM is an initiative to organise a regular UK based meeting on causal inference as a collaborative effort across the methodology research community in the health, economics and social sciences.

UK-CIM aims to:

  • Provide forum for people interested in causal inference to meet informally
  • Provide a forum for early career researchers to highlight their work
  • Offer opportunities for networking to foster future research opportunities and collaborations
Please note that registration for the meeting is not restricted to people from the UK, and we welcome participation from anyone who would like to attend.

Theme of the Meeting

The theme of the meeting is "Causal Inference in Health, Economic and Social Sciences". Causal inference is broadly defined, and the focus is on methodology and challenging applications, though presentations relating to interesting applications that highlight necessary methodological extensions are also encouraged.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Important Dates

  • 6th January 2015:
    Registration for the conference and introductory course opens.
    Abstract submission for talk and poster presentations opens.
  • 13th February 2015 (extended):
    Abstract submission for talk and poster presentations closes.
    Registration for introductory course closes.
  • End of February/early March 2015:
    Notification for:
    • Accepted abstracts for talks and posters.
    • Successful registration for Miguel’s course.
    • Successful funding application.
  • 31th March :
    Conference registration closes.


For questions about the UK-CIM 2015, please contact the local organiser Nayia Constantinou at cim-2015@bristol.ac.uk.

For questions about the UK-CIM initiative, please contact the chair Richard Emsley at richard.emsley@manchester.ac.uk or a member of the steering group .

Financial Support

SuSTaIn is Statistics underpinning Science, Technology and Industry, a programme with the ambitious goal of strengthening the discipline of Statistics in the UK, by equipping it to face the challenges of future applications. Thus the focus is on rigorous and innovative new theory and methodology – core statistics for the 21st century – aimed at and stimulated by generic challenges raised by the ‘data revolution’, in areas as diverse as genomics, astronomy, telecommunications and finance.
It is funded principally by a 3.5million Science and Innovation award from EPSRC, and partly by the University of Bristol, and runs from 2006 to 2016.

MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol. At this year's UK-CIM, the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol (MRC IEU) funds one invited speaker, Prof Eric Tchetgen Tchtegen (Harvard). The MRC IEU conducts advanced population health science research to improve our understanding of the biological and environmental factors that can underlie and trigger common disease.