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Julian Besag - Memories and tributes

We received several dozen tributes and reminiscences of Julian from colleagues, friends and relatives, and these are posted here, broadly categorised by the different periods of his life - see links in the menu to the left. Some of these were spontaneous reactions to news of his passing, others more considered tributes spoken at the memorial gathering. Further contributions are welcome, and can be emailed using the link at the foot of the page. Peter Green and Peter Diggle.

Index to contributors: Elja Arjas; Adrian Baddeley; Valerie Besag; Raj Bhansali; Sheila Bird; Shirley Coleman; Noel Cressie; Peter Diggle; Ian Dryden; Stephen Duffy; Ashley Ford; Don Geman; Stuart Geman; Chris Glasbey; Tilmann Gneiting; David Green; Liz Green; Peter Green; Ted Harding; Leo Held; Chris Jennison; Frank Kelly; Finn Lindgren; David Madigan; Kanti Mardia; David Mason; John Matthews; Kerrie Mengersen; Robin K. Milne; Jesper Møller; Debashis Mondal; Judy Nasmith; Sonia Petrone; Bruce Porteous; Eric Renshaw; Christian Robert; Allan Seheult; Bernard Silverman; Larissa Stanberry; Alfred Stein; Michael Stephens; Mike Titterington; Hilde Übelacker-Besag; Honey Vincent Valle; Julian Wolfram; Stan Zachary; Anonymous; Anonymous.

The collection of memories and tributes is now available in booklet form (pdf), for downloading and possible printing. It comes in two styles: standard or permuted. Both are 8Mb, 52 pages; the latter has the pages permuted so that if you print it 2 pages per sheet, on both sides of the paper (and don't `flip pages up'), you will get 12 sheets that can be folded into an A5 booklet, properly paginated.