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Structure and uncertainty

modelling, inference and computation in complex stochastic systems

Research workshop: 24-27 September 2012, Bristol, UK

Aims and objectives

Over the last two decades, a powerful strategy for statistical modelling has evolved, which uses ideas of conditional independence to combine simple local relations to build stochastic models that exhibit great complexity. Such complex stochastic models have found applications in areas as diverse as signal processing, genetics and epidemiology. The needs of these areas have in turn stimulated important theoretical developments. By emphasising common ideas and structures, such as graphical, hierarchical and spatial models, and techniques, such as Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and local exact computation, cross-disciplinary work in stochastic systems has been promoted.

The themes of this workshop, marking the end of EPSRC funding for SuSTaIn, will include:

  • Graphical models
  • Monte Carlo computation
  • Spatial statistics
  • Applications in modern biology and genetics
  • Relevant statistical theory

The workshop is organised by members of the Statistics group in Bristol, and you may use the link in the sidebar to the left to contact the organisers.