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The programme shown here is available in pdf.

Monday 10 September

12h15 - 13h20 Lunch and Registration

13h20 Welcome
13h30 Hans-Georg Müller - "Modeling repeatedly observed functional data" (slides)
14h20 Fabian Scheipl - "Additive mixed models for correlated functional data"(slides)
14h50 Jan Gertheiss - "Longitudinal scalar-on-functions regression with application to tractography data" (slides)

15h20 - 15h45 Break

15h45 John Moriarty - Gaussian process regression on a phylogeny (slides)
16h35 Alessandra Menafaglio - Universal kriging prediction for spatially dependent functional data of a Hilbert space (slides)
17h05 Poster preview session

17h35 - 19h30 Reception and posters

Tuesday 11 September

08h45 - 09h00 Coffee

09h00 Lukasz Kidzinski - Estimation in Hilbertian linear models (slides)
09h30 Denis Bosq - Constructing functional linear filters (slides)
10h20 Jairo Cugliari - Conditional autoregressive Hilbertian process (slides)

10h50 - 11h15 Break & posters

11h15 Maurice Berk - Multi-level functional principal components analysis models for replicated genomics time series data sets (slides)
11h45 Victor Panaretos - Fourier analysis of stationary functional data

12h35 - 13h45 Lunch

13h45 Valentin Patilea - Projection-based nonparametric goodness of fit testing of regression models with scalar response and functional covariates (slides)
14h15 Davide Pigoli - Distances and inference for covariance functions (slides)
14h45 Nicole Augustin - Modelling fat mass as a function of weekly physical activity profiles measured by Actigraph accelerometers (slides)

15h15 - 15h45 Break & Posters

15h45 Elizabeth Sweeney - Automatic lesion incidence estimation and detection in Multiple Sclerosis using multisequence magnetic resonance images (slides)
16h15 Haipeng Shen - Nonparametric independent component analysis for colored sources with mixed spectra
17h05 Ci-Ren Jiang - Nonparametric response function estimation via FPCA with application to dynamic PET data

19h00 - end Conference dinner

Wednesday 12 September

09h15 - 09h30 Coffee

09h30 Laura Sangalli - "Spatial regression models with differential regularization
10h20 Laura Azzimonti - PDE regularised blood velocity estimation (slides)
10h50 Bree Ettinger - Spatial regression models over two-dimensional Riemannian manifolds (slides)

11h20 - 11h45 : Break & posters

11h45 Jan Johannes - Adaptive estimation in functional linear models (slides)
12h15 Jian Qing Shi - Gaussian process regression analysis of large functional data (slides)

13h05 - 14h15 : Lunch

14h15 Surajit Ray -Reconstructing trajectories of correlated functional data (slides)
14h45 Frederic Ferraty - Nonparametric variable selection and FDA (slides)
15h35 Carlo Sguera, Spatial depth-based classification for functional data (slides)

16h05 - 16h40 : Close and coffee